Are you interested in becoming a freelance copywriter?

As we noted on our home page, the Copywriter Conclave of Portland is a group of freelance commercial writers who have at least one year of professional experience.

If you want to embark on a career as a freelancer, or if you are a salaried writer wanting to start your own business, we’ve developed several resources to help (with more on the way).

These blog posts are designed to motivate and inspire you. Many of our more experienced members wished this tailored wisdom had been available when we began our careers.

Earning Your First Freelance Writing Job

How to Cold-Call Your Target Clients

How to Land Big-Name Clients

How to Register a Business in Oregon

6 Tips to Start Your Freelance Copywriting Business

12 Questions to Help You Identify Your Ideal Client

13 Co-Working Spaces in Portland

Tech Tools for Freelancers

What a Freelance Invoice Looks Like


Thank you for your interest.Additionally, some of our members may be interested in tutoring new copywriters for an hourly fee. If you would be interested in this type of mentoring opportunity, please feel free to send an e-mail to our President!