5 Co-Working Spaces in Portland

(Update!  Please also check out this updated blog post for a more complete list of co-working spaces in Portland.)

Working from home saves you money, but for the sake of creativity, productivity, and sanity, many freelancers choose to rent office space, or at least a desk. By renting a desk in an office or co-working space, you can reap all the benefits of having an office without paying a ransom in rent.

The average cost to rent a desk in Portland is about $300 per month. Costs for a permanent, private desk are higher, and costs for an actual office with a door are higher still. If you’ve thought about renting a desk or office in a co-working space, visit each one and see how they feel. Many of them have various amenities and perks for their members.

Here are 5 co-working spaces in Portland to consider:

  1. Collective Agency and Collective Agency Division
  2. The Hive
  3. NedSpace
  4. TENpod
  5. Forge Portland

Renting a desk/office is definitely not a requirement for success as a freelancer. I know quite a few freelancers who are perfectly happy with their home office setups, or nomadic working conditions. So, if you’re happy working at the kitchen table, couch, or coffee shops, keep doin’ what you’re doin’.

Are there other co-working spaces in Portland that I’ve missed? Share them in the comments.

43 comments on “5 Co-Working Spaces in Portland

    • Amber James on

      Cool, Danielle! A few of our members actually rent desks from host businesses. It’s good to know that there’s a resource out there facilitating the process. Thank you for sharing PivotDesk.

  1. Fernando on

    In addition to the great coworking space options, there’s now an online community for those who work from home, have extra space, and want to network with other freelancers/remote workers in their neighborhood, while making some extra cash at the same time. You’re able to offer workspace or book a session at someone else’s workspace. Check us out at https://sparechair.me/. We just launched. (BTW, beautiful site!)

  2. Genevieve on

    Hey guys! Have any of you heard about CENTRL Office? It is a new shared work space that just opened in the Pearl on 13th and Everett. It provides a range of workspace options from dedicated rooms and desks, to open part-time desks. Membership includes unlimited use of common spaces, including kitchens/coffee bars, showers, conference rooms (when available), free access to events and discounted pricing for Meeting/Event spaces. The official soft open is Jan 5th. It’s a super cool space too 🙂

    • Amber James on

      Wow. I’m sooo glad I posted this blog post. And here I’d only heard of 5 co-working spaces in Portland! Just goes to show you how much more we can know when we share information and collaborate with one another.

      You guys have truly shown that Portland is a hotbed of freelance talent (which we mostly knew, I think) that supports a significant number of flexible working spaces. I think I count 12 with our collaborative list. Awesome work, team!

  3. Mike on

    It’s counterintuitive, but one of the major benefits to renting desk space -for me, at least- is removing the need to decide where I’ll be working. Having a definitive answer frees my brain to think about serving clients and building my business. (Admittedly, not The Answer for everyone.)

    On that note, my studio has a couple of dedicated desk spaces for the price others charge for ‘hot seats.’ Anyone interested in details should email studio3 [at] zoomtopia [dot] com

    Way to spark a popular conversation, Amber!

  4. Lorelei on

    Thanks for the TENpod love! I’m sad to report that the Burnside Rocket has been closed.

    But I’m very happy to say that our Ode to Roses building is alive and well. Our desk spaces range from $225-$350 per month.

    Take a look at tenpod.org or call (yep, it’s a real landline!) 503-335-0091.



  5. jewel on

    Awesome list! You can check out all the coworking spaces in Portland Aug 4-8 for Portland Coworking Week — free to register and you’ll get free day passes, tours & access to sessions, social events and more. All the ones on your list plus great new ones — meet other members and the owners 🙂


  6. Amanda on

    There’s a new one opening in Hillsboro. They will have their soft launch February 1st, and their official launch within two months. http://www.TheProfessionalCollective.com

    It sounds pretty awesome – both offices and desks, a Business Café, conference room, event center capability, business training events and even a video room to record high quality videos and podcasts for your business.

    • Amber James on

      That sounds awesome, Amanda! I love the video room. So many businesses are podcasting and creating videos. Very nice to see these needs are being accommodated at a co-working space. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Dayna Reed on

    My wife and I are happy to join the Portland Coworking movement. We operate NXT industries with 2 locations in Central Portland for our members to work. One thing that sets us apart is our photography studios, we are truly proud to offer this unique amenity and connect traditional businesses, freelancers and entrepreneurs with the arts in a shared space that ignites our creativity. http://www.nxtindustries.com

  8. kathy on

    I’m getting lost in all the comments trying to keep track of those places I want to check out! Would it be possible to edit the original post to include an updated list with all these additional spots?
    This post is awesome by the way!!

  9. Jamie Fletcher on

    Industrious is coming to Portland in September! Located at 6th and Yamhill, we’re a hospitality focused, sophisticated premium co-working space providing five-star service, best-in-class workplace management and stunning design for companies of all sizes. Our mission is to make you proud and excited to come to work. I’d love to be included in this list! You can find more information (and schedule a virtual tour) at http://www.industriousoffice.com/Portland

    So happy to be a part of this thriving community!


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