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5 Co-Working Spaces in Portland

(Update!  Please also check out this updated blog post for a more complete list of co-working spaces in Portland.)

Working from home saves you money, but for the sake of creativity, productivity, and sanity, many freelancers choose to rent office space, or at least a desk. By renting a desk in an office or co-working space, you can reap all the benefits of having an office without paying a ransom in rent.

The average cost to rent a desk in Portland is about $300 per month. Costs for a permanent, private desk are higher, and costs for an actual office with a door are higher still. If you’ve thought about renting a desk or office in a co-working space, visit each one and see how they feel. Many of them have various amenities and perks for their members.

Here are 5 co-working spaces in Portland to consider:

  1. Collective Agency and Collective Agency Division
  2. The Hive
  3. NedSpace
  4. TENpod
  5. Forge Portland

Renting a desk/office is definitely not a requirement for success as a freelancer. I know quite a few freelancers who are perfectly happy with their home office setups, or nomadic working conditions. So, if you’re happy working at the kitchen table, couch, or coffee shops, keep doin’ what you’re doin’.

Are there other co-working spaces in Portland that I’ve missed? Share them in the comments.